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Normandy Jug

A beautiful normandy jug, this stout milk jug is crafted from polished brass and was hand-crafted circa 1850. Its outer surface has been lightly textured by a technique known as hammering, and its neck is scalloped at the base. The mouth is curved and the molded lid provides a secure seal.

This beautifully carved jug is in excellent condition and has some age related wear consistent with its 170 years of use. The body of the jug is decorated with leaves, castle motifs and vine scrolls. It is also decorated with applied neck rings that extend up to the pouring rim.

The Saintonge potteries in Wales were active from 1275-1295 and produced a variety of wares in several styles, including this elegantly decorated jug. The decoration on the vessel is similar to that on jugs discovered at Kidwelly Castle (Carmarthenshire) and Castell-y-Bere Castle, both of which were occupied by the English from 1284-1294.

In addition to being a lovely gift, this jug would make a great conversation piece in any home or office! It is a fine example of the craftsmanship that was developed at this time and shows how these artisans continued to innovate after the arrival of European potters.

Located in south-central Tennessee, Normandy Reservoir is managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and offers fishing opportunities throughout the lake. The TVA Lake information website (link) and app provide access to daily water levels, boat access sites, fishing regulations, and fish attractor data for the lake.