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The avalanche of breaking news can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the latest mobile phones and their built-in (and third-party) apps, you can have a stream of curated news that keeps you informed on topics of your choice.

Apple’s own news app offers a customizable experience that allows you to follow specific news sources and topics and even gives you the option of receiving push notifications when stories break. To access these features, tap the following tab and scroll down to the manage heading. Here, you can flip a few toggle switches and give the app permission to ping you with breaking news alerts.

You can also get a customizable news stream from the BBC News app, which has a more playful approach to its articles. Its design is more similar to a magazine than a newspaper, and it even includes live-streaming news channels baked right into the app, allowing you to get the TV news experience on your phone.

Turnt Up Breaking News Mobile Android App Is The Best Sports News App

Another fun and engaging news app to try is Flipboard, which presents stories creatively with beautiful visuals. Its captivating interface makes it easy to spend hours scrolling through the latest headlines, and its smart algorithm ensures that you’ll see a mix of trending and relevant content. It can be a little buggy, but overall it’s worth a download for its stylish, interactive design. Other fun news apps include NewsBreak, which offers a thumbs-up feature and a comment section for readers to express their opinions. It also scourers local news sites to provide stories that affect you directly, which is a nice touch.