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This fine antique Normandy (French) polished brass milk jug was hand-crafted circa 1850. The outside is lightly textured by hammering, and the body has a scalloped collar where the neck attaches to the body. The jug is of baluster form with a rounded pouring lip and a molded lid which has a riveted handle that extends to the rim to form a secure seal. The jug has two applied neck rings and is 15.5 cm tall. The jug is engraved with foliage and flowers along the rim. The jug is in good condition and shows age related wear and tear consistent with its use.

This jug is decorated with the vine scroll motifs that are common on Saintonge pots, which were thrown in the region of Wales at several castles occupied by English during the Middle Ages. The jug is also inscribed with the castle crest that is typical of Saintonge wares and the date of 1275.