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Gift cards are prepaid, reloadable credit cards that can be purchased online or in-person at retail outlets. They can be used to purchase goods or services in various types of businesses including restaurants, hotels and shopping centers. They can also be redeemed for cash back at merchants that accept them.

Benefits of Gift Card Sales

A gift card allows the recipient to shop for anything that they want or need at the store, which can save them time and money. Additionally, if the recipient does not use all of the money on the card, they can simply keep it and use it for another purchase.

How to Create a Gift Card Product

To set up your gift card in your Shopify store, go to your Rise dashboard -> Gift Card tab -> Gift Card Settings. There you can add a gift card product title and description, and assign it to your store’s menu.

How to Add a Gift Certificate Email

When you sell a gift card, we’ll send an email to the recipient with the details about their purchase. This will include the date of purchase, the recipient’s name and email address, and a link to print or forward the certificate.

How to Add a Gift Card Product in Your Bookkeeping Tool

Xola will automatically process your gift card sales and pay you in full right after the transaction is completed. In addition, we can track how many cards are being sold and whether or not they’ve been redeemed so you know what you need to do next.