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Normandy Jug

Designed by Jean Puiforcat specially for the first-class table of the “Normandy” cruise ship, this discreetly elegant water jug adds a touch of elegance to your drinking experience. This beautiful silver-plated jug is a fine example of the French manufacturer’s exceptional skill and is the perfect piece for any home or office.

A jug with applied slip and moulded decoration was characteristic of the pottery-making centres of Normandy during the 13th century. It is not unusual for jugs of this type to have the so-called ‘thumbing’ around the footrim, which can help prevent the jug from rolling on a flat surface.

The thumbing is also an indication that the jug was made using a potter’s forge, as this technique often involved heating the pots before forming them into a shape. The jugs were then cooled in the forge, and then placed into the kiln, which was usually located on the premise where they were to be commissioned.

Despite its age, this jug is in excellent condition. Its base shows signs of age-related wear and is engraved with a small T-shaped gadget mark.

It is a good idea to anchor a jug line, especially when fishing for large fish. This can keep the jug from moving, which will in turn deter any tampering with the line by wind, current or large fish.

The game Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a very interesting real-time strategy game that gives you a chance to relive the events of World War II and put your tactics to the test. While the gameplay can be a little rushed at times, it still offers a lot to the player and is well worth the effort.