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Airbnb Cleaning Company

An Airbnb Cleaning Company should have a variety of services that will meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a thorough clean from top to bottom, or fancy touch ups and restocking soap, you’ll need a company that’s reliable, on-demand, and can handle any number of tasks. It should be able to provide the kind of quality that your guests will appreciate, and be affordable, too.


iGMS for Airbnb Cleaning Company is a software program that makes cleaning practices consistent and manageable. It allows you to specify specific cleaning requirements and monitor your cleaning teams’ progress. The software also lets you customize checklists based on the type of short-term rentals you work with.

The software also offers tasks and lists for each cleaner. It is easy to manage different types of tasks, including specialised tasks. Task lists are detailed by property and can also show work orders, reservations, and transaction history. A daily task list lets you track each cleaning team member’s progress on each job. iGMS also features a customizable to-do list that keeps track of every task assigned to each team member.

The multi-calendar feature works well with the channel manager, giving you a single view of bookings across platforms. This feature saves you time by displaying the dates of bookings and the money earned. Moreover, it provides customizable templates for common responses to guest queries. Customising a template is easy, and it is based on your company’s unique requirements.

The iGMS for Airbnb Cleaning Company software offers an affordable monthly or annual plan for its users. The flexible plan includes a 14-day free trial and allows you to manage up to four properties. However, it does not include all of the features that you need for running your vacation rental business. It is an affordable option for new vacation rental business owners who don’t need full-featured management software. iGMS also allows you to push rates to all channels, and to set minimum and maximum stays.

With iGMS for Airbnb, you can automate tasks, assign them to appropriate users, and schedule them. It also allows you to monitor your reviews, which are important in making your business successful. A bad review can drive potential guests away. So, it’s imperative to monitor reviews and review your guests regularly. iGMS will automate the entire process, so you don’t have to spend your time managing each guest individually.

iGMS for Airbnb is a cloud-based software program that can handle multiple short-term rental listings. It also integrates with other short-term rental sites, including Homeaway and VRBO. It offers a free trial for up to four listings. It has a user-friendly dashboard that makes managing multiple listings simple.

Cleaning fees for Airbnb units vary depending on a variety of factors. According to IGMS, the average cost of cleaning an Airbnb unit is $65 per night. However, the exact cost depends on the location and size of the property. Airbnb properties range from a one-bedroom apartment to a mansion with 10+ rooms. The easiest way to establish an average price is to look at cleaning fees for similar listings in the same area.

Airbnb guests have high expectations for rental properties, and it’s important to meet those standards. However, cleaning Airbnb properties is only one of the duties a host has to perform. They also need to manage daily tasks and manage their short-term rental business. A professional cleaning company will help you manage both daily tasks and Airbnb guests.

iGMS for Airbnb Cleaning Company allows you to share your calendar with your cleaners via your email address. This way, you can add and edit cleaners’ availability easily. Moreover, you can share information with your cleaners via their Airbnb profiles as well. By using this software, you can also make changes to your Airbnb listings without requiring extensive knowledge about Airbnb listings.

There are many different Airbnb cleaning companies available, each with their own unique advantages. It is essential to choose a reliable one that is flexible and reliable. You should also look for those that have years of experience and are adept at meeting business requirements. You should also check their business credentials and see if they have any negative reviews. Also, make sure to check the reviews left by previous hosts.


Hiring a professional cleaning service for your Airbnb is a great idea if you want to avoid having to spend hours cleaning your rental property on a weekly basis. A professional company can come in and clean your Airbnb after your guests check out, and will ensure your rental is fresh and clean before your next guest checks in. You can also schedule individual cleanings between guests to avoid dirt building up. You should also consider periodic deep cleanings, which can remove minute particles of dirt and grime.

Hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning service can save you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on your full-time career or family. It also allows you to focus on the management of your rental property instead of dealing with the cleaning process. A professional cleaner can also manage a number of properties, meaning they can get more work done in a shorter amount of time. And they will work with the standards you set for your property, so you can rest easy knowing your property will be sparkling clean when guests arrive.

Airbnb guests have high expectations, and the last thing anyone wants to do is stay in a dirty rental. Even the slightest stain or stray hair can ruin their mood. In addition, customer satisfaction directly affects your ratings on the site, so it is important to keep your Airbnb clean and well-maintained.

While Airbnb does not require a host to pay a cleaning fee, it is recommended that you do. This fee covers the time spent cleaning between guests. Otherwise, you would have to raise your nightly rates to cover the cleaning service’s time. You also can choose between a do-it-yourself cleaning service or hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your Airbnb. This will depend on your needs and preferences.

An Airbnb cleaning service can also help you avoid having to retrain your cleaning teams every few days. The company sends the same cleaning team to your property for a set period of time, and will also keep notes on your property to ensure that the same cleaning crew comes back.

Airbnb cleaning services can range from personal maid services to professional property management services. The personal maid service is a great choice for individuals who prefer a more personalized experience. But it is important to understand that a personal maid service requires a one-on-one relationship. A property management service, on the other hand, has a more dependable schedule and the ability to meet your unique needs.

Having an Airbnb cleaning company clean your home will save you time and energy. It will also make your guest’s stay more comfortable. And having a spotless home will show guests that you take pride in your property. A clean home is attractive to guests and helps you to get better ratings.

To ensure your guests are satisfied, iClean lets you view the turnover calendar in two views: calendar and list. The calendar view shows you the number of guests, the length of stay, the next guest’s name, and the check-in date. It helps you plan a schedule and provide the appropriate towels for each guest. It also makes it easy for your cleaners to know whether they will be cleaning on the same day or if they will have a gap between bookings.