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Cranes are very important machines used in various industries such as: construction, production or production facilities, transportation and others. One of the most versatile cranes that are widely used in the construction industry is the crawler crane.

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It is basically a tracked vehicle with a mounted crane mechanism. This chain is equipped with a telescopic boom. A crawler crane is a universal machine capable of performing a wide range of tasks to easily lift any type of soil on rough or uneven surfaces and weather conditions.

Benefits of Using a Crawler Crane

Rough and Challenging Plane – These cranes move on ladders (called chains), not wheels. These cranes are equipped with wheels that allow them to travel effortlessly through unpaved areas and challenging landscapes.

The main advantage of this crane is that it can easily lift loads up to 3,500 tons. The use of a crane makes it easy to lift and move heavy loads from one location to another on the construction site.

However, crawler cranes must be unloaded when being transported to the worksite by train or truck.

Health and safety characteristics – Crawler cranes combine safe operation, which is an essential element for optimal equipment uptime.

It is multi-faceted and includes speed protection with stability warning lights, overload safety alarms and advanced computer safety aids that prevent the risk of the crane overturning.

Environmental friendly – Other advantages of the crawler are ergonomic and environmentally friendly (ergo-eco) clean operation, quiet movement, remotely controlled walk-in function, inclusion of a penny (360 °) and the possibility of driving in any direction for applications which can be reused.