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The main benefit to formal configuration management is that a leading project with superior change direction, as evidenced by changes which are properly identified, organized, linked, and possessed. 

Configuration control offers the documentation explaining why the job changes happened, who approved the changes, and who the delegated change owner is. If you are looking for the best web-based project configurator software then you can visit online sources.

The Job Manager is responsible for the subsequent shift management responsibilities:

1. Recognizing when a change has happened.

2. Filtering out varies from improper individuals.

3. Making certain changes is beneficial.

4. Managing the changes as they occur.

Configuration management is the system for performing these responsibilities as well as providing system, product, and software version control.

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The primary disadvantage of establishing management is that it requires some time, cost money, and also may bring with it a degree of formality that many people view as unnecessary or are uneasy with. 

However, as project managers are generally analyzing many complex priorities, can't remember all of the details, and also much more importantly convey everything they might want to take the additional time to make use of the sometimes formal CM techniques.

Another disadvantage to CM is that customers usually know this documentation takes time, and if within a desperate rush to find productive work, and also minimize the job costs, they could well not find this job directly adding value for their own product. Some clients do not desire to pay job management rates for what may be perceived as clerical work or work which might be treated less officially.

And it is possible that many clients don't want change handled legally since the ramification is that they'll soon be charged for changes that they'd rather slip in undetected. This brings us back into the benefits of a configuration management strategy because it educates the customers of how changes will be managed from the beginning.