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If you are healthy and this is your first pregnancy, you usually have 10 prenatal appointments. If you've had a healthy pregnancy, you may have had less.

Prenatal clinic is the care you receive from a health professional to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. It contains service and support information to help you make the right choice for you.


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If you are fit and healthy and the pregnancy is expected without major problems, a small team will help you. This includes your midwife and family doctor. If your pregnancy is more complicated, an obstetrician-gynecologist can be included in your treatment.

There are midwives from the hospital and the community. The midwife in the hospital is in a maternity home run by a midwife, or a counseling center. They will support you through labor, delivery, and after delivery.

Community midwives often work in teams, which means you are likely to see a small group of the same people. When you start giving birth, they can help you give birth at home.

Other health professionals who can provide care include:

A sonographer who will perform your ultrasound examination

Perinatologists or specialists in maternal medicine – obstetricians who can offer more specialized treatment for complicated pregnancies or illnesses.