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You might have heard the song ‘All I Have to Do Is Dream’ by Avril Lavigne if you’re looking for a great love song. This song talks about missing a loved one and not being able to communicate with them. It was released as part of her 2011 album ‘Goodbye Lullaby’. Another one of the most popular songs about wishes is ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ by Justin Bieber, about a love affair that ended too soon.

‘All I Have to Do is Dream’

‘All I Have to Do is Dream,’ a 1958 song by the Everly Brothers, was a massive hit across the globe. Released in June 1958, it reached number one on the UK’s New Musical Express chart, spending seven weeks at the top. The song spent a total of 21 weeks on the UK charts. It has been on many lists of the greatest songs of all time, including the top 100 by British music magazine Q.

This song has been covered by a wide variety of artists over the years. The Everly Brothers’ version peaked at #1 for 5 weeks on the Billboard charts in 1958, while the Richard Chamberlain version peaked at #14 for a week in 1963. Other versions, such as the Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell version, have been a huge hit too, reaching as high as #27 in 1969. Cliff Richard’s version of the song reached the top ten twice in 1994, reaching the number two spot for two weeks on the chart.

‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’

Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” is a popular song from the 1980s. It’s the title track from the duo’s album of the same name. It became their breakthrough hit in early 1983.

The song was written by Annie Lennox and performed by David A. Stewart, who are no longer together. The song became a commercial success in Europe and the United States. The music video for the song was widely aired on MTV. The band is no longer together, but “Sweet Dreams” remains a staple of the 80s.

The Eurythmics released “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” as the fourth single from their album in early 1983. The song injected a touch of femininity into synth pop. It was originally a simple experiment with eight-track tape machines and synthesizers, but it was such a hit that it’s now a classic and a staple of the club world.

The song was recorded at a small studio in North London. It was later reissued as a single for the band’s Greatest Hits album. It reached number 48 in the UK and was a moderate hit in dance clubs. A Steve Angello remix of the track was released in France in 2006.

‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’

Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams is a song about loneliness and the brokenness of dreams. The message in this song is universal and applicable to a variety of life situations. The lyrics are so powerful that they transcend generational, socioeconomic, and age lines. They emphasize the importance of support.

The song’s lyrics deal with the idea of being alone in a big city and believing your dreams have broken. While this may sound depressing, it isn’t necessarily a sign of failure; instead, it can be a sign of home. The lyrics are easy to understand and a good example of how to approach loneliness. The song is part of the band’s 2004 album, American Idiot.

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is a midtempo song with sad lyrics. It follows the song “Holiday” (which describes the happiest time in St. Jimmy’s life). The song’s title is a French word that refers to a broad street. It is also the name of some famous streets in a city.

The song performed well on the international charts. It peaked at number five on the UK Singles Chart in December 2004, and became the longest charting single in the UK at the time. It still ranks second in that category. The song earned a Platinum certification from the British Phonographic Industry for sales and streams.

‘I Wish It Would Rain’

The lyrics of ‘I Wish It Would Rain’ by Phil Collins deal with the aftermath of a failed relationship. The song is about the hopeless clinging that takes place after a relationship breaks down. Collins wrote both the music and the lyrics for the song. The song was a huge hit when it was released.

The song has an interesting history. Its lyrics tell us that a man is wishing for rain, and this is in the middle of a breakup. He wrote it after discovering his wife having an affair in the spring of 1967. This tragic event made him pour out his feelings into the lyrics. Producers Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield contributed to the record.

‘Airplanes’ by B.o.B.

“Airplanes” is a song about the desire to leave the world behind and return to the simpler times. The song is about the 9/11 tragedy and the desire to change the past. The two main characters of the song want to reminisce about their youth, when they would sing for fun and had no concerns for money. The singers also wish that the lights on airplanes could count as shooting stars.

‘Wish You Were Here’ by Avril Lavigne

The music video for ‘Wish You Were Here’ is a tearjerker. The lyrics are about missing someone and what happened between them. Avril Lavigne has admitted that the song has personal meaning to her, but she has not been specific about who the song is about.

The video for ‘Wish You Were Here’ was directed by Dave Meyers and premiered on September 9, 2011. Lavigne characterized the video as “very different” from her previous videos. While the video received mixed reviews, it was praised for capturing the emotions of the singer. Avril Lavigne has added the song to her set list on her upcoming tour, The Black Star.

‘Don’t Dream Its Over’ by Crowded

The song is about making wishes and making them come true. Crowded House are a New Zealand band. They won the Best New Artist Award at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards with the song. This song has been remixed by Tame Impala and was played on Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Show. The song was a hit for the band, reaching the top two spot on the American Hot 100.

In this song, Josh Ritter expresses his disgust over the situation of migrant families. He hopes that they would find a happier life, but knows that it’s not possible. He wishes that the sadness and injustice would just disappear and that everything would be better.

Neil Finn and his bandmates formed Crowded House in 1986. They had worked together in Split Enz, a New Zealand band led by Neil Finn’s older brother. They moved to Australia in 1975. Crowded House released their debut album and single ‘Don’t Dream Its Over’ in 1986. The song is about the relationship between the vocalist and his lover.

Crowded House was formed in 1986 and helped launch the post-New Wave era in pop music. The group became popular by creating earthy, melodic songs. Their music is inspired by Split Enz. Neil Finn joined Fleetwood Mac in 2018.