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The normandyjug is a unique item that represents the region of Normandy in France. It is a cylindrical container that has a handle and is used for holding liquids, such as milk.

The jug was first manufactured in Normandy, France, during the mid-1800’s. It was crafted from a metal alloy and had an ornate design. The exterior of the jug was lightly textured by a technique called hammering. The jug has a molded lid with riveted handle that ensures the contents remain safe.

During the 1800’s, dairy farmers would transport their milk from their farms to distribution centers or markets. Homeowners would often bring their own personal vessels for storing milk at these gathering spots.

Normandy is also known for its traditional apple distillation and Calvados brandy. There are still some cider farmers in the area that still do things the old-fashioned way, making the product by hand, and the region is full of great cider festivals to check out as you visit.

A jug with a thumbed rim was often found in the medieval period and was thought to help prevent the jug from rolling when empty. However, recent experimentation by a potter has shown that this feature is more likely to be a result of a convex bottom.

The jug is in excellent condition for its age, with no major damage to the rim. It also shows very slight age related wear and tear consistent with 170 years of use.