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The normandyjug is a stunning piece of cutlery from Puiforcat, it has a unique design which makes it a stylish addition to your tableware collection. The integrated medallion on the top of the jug is a great place to add your initials, which can be engraved on request.

The jug is made from polished brass, hand-crafted circa 1850 in Normandy, France. It has a scalloped collar where the neck attaches to the body, and a rolled lip mirrored by a protuberant ridge running along the circumference.


A cider jug from the Normandy region of France is not just a pretty piece of glass. This clear baluster jug is engraved on both sides with foliage that extends to the neck of the jug which is accompanied by an applied handle and molded rim. This antique is in excellent condition and would look wonderful either as it is or in a polished setting. The normandyjug is a must have for anyone with an interest in history or decor.


Normandyjug reinterprets a French classic in a striking way. This jug has been hand-crafted in Normandy, France, and is made from polished brass with a decorative midsection that features a scalloped collar and a thick handle. A molded lid with a riveted handle provides a secure seal and prevents spillage. The jug is also embellished with a crest on the front with castle and leaf motifs. This jug was made in the 1850’s and is in very good condition.

Typical Guernsey measures were in “Pot” or “Canne” sizes, with the most common being three gallons (or six pots). Miniatures have also been made from time to time. The jugs were often used to store milk. They were very practical and were sold to tourists in a variety of places.