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A jug of red earthenware, with applied and incised decoration, and traces of a brown glaze. The base is ‘thumbed’ and rolled to provide a secure resting place for the jug. This is a feature common to medieval jugs, and it has been suggested that this is a form of counteracting the’sagging’ bottom found in many of them.

The ‘Normandyjug’ was used in Normandy, Brittany and north west France in the nineteenth century. It is a traditional type of milk jug, and this one is a particularly attractive example.

This jug is hand-crafted by an expert in the French town of Rom, and is of the most high quality. It is a stocky container, lightly textured by hammering and has a scalloped collar where the neck attaches to the body.

It is finished with a thick handle that rises from the decorative midsection and attaches near the lip of the jug. The molded lid also has a riveted handle that provides a secure seal.

‘Normandy’ is one of Jean Puiforcat’s most exclusive silver-plated cutlery collections, and this water jug is a perfect addition to the series. It is a discreet and elegant addition to your tableware collection, and is sure to become an eye-catching accent piece.

A jug of red earthenware with applied and incised decoration, and an elongated loop handle with a striped base. The body is ‘thumbed’ all round the footrim, and it has been suggested that this is an anti-rolling design that helps to prevent the jug from rolling while standing on a flat surface.