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The Normandyjug is a 9.5’’ x 13.5’’ cider jug crafted in France circa 1860. It has a beautiful oak finish and brass rings on the base. It is in excellent condition and will add a rustic touch to your wine cellar or wet bar.

A trip to Normandy is not complete without a visit to a local Camembert or Calvados farm, and a taste of some of the many delicious ciders made in this region. The best way to experience the area is to check prices on a half day or full day tour from Paris here.


The first town you should visit, and a good place for a base, is Dieppe, a pleasant little port situated on the sea coast of Normandy and very popular with the bathing-people. The beaches are fine, and the sea-breezes refreshing. If you wish to escape the crowds, a little steamer will carry you out to Cartaret, a very attractive little village close to the cape of the same name.


The country is hilly and well wooded; and the houses are pleasantly built. The style of building is a little different from that of the northern districts, but it has been adopted with a sense of taste and an eye for harmony and beauty. The roofs are often a brilliant orange lichen with round-headed Norman windows, and the great square tower of the church at Lessay is a perfect example of this work.