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The normandyjug is a charming antique baluster jar from Normandy that dates to the early 20th century. It features a small short spout with a cork, and a lovely aged matte finish.

This jug has been professionally restored and is in good condition. It would be perfect for a kitchen or dining room decor.

It is made from red earthenware and has a brown glaze with applied slip and moulded decoration. The jug has a gourd-shaped body with a loop handle that is striped and pricked. The base has a ‘thumbed’ design all round the footrim.

The ‘thumbing’ on medieval jugs was believed to prevent the jug from rolling during use. This feature has recently been discovered in a number of examples from the late 13th century and early 14th centuries.

Throughout the Normandy region there are many cider festivals to enjoy in the summer and autumn months. These are a great way to experience the region’s famous produce.

There is also a major French holiday called l’Fête Medievale in August, which celebrates the rebirth of medieval culture and includes a number of festivals. The main festival is held in the chateau at Crevecoeur en Auge, but there are also numerous smaller events.

The Normandy area is also known for its large naval port, Cherbourg. It was the site of many renowned battles and sieges during the medieval period.

The town is located near the English Channel, which was a vital point in the defence of England during World War II. The historic landing beaches of D-Day are less than 20 miles away, and there is a major commemoration in June.