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Normandy Jug

The bobbin lace that has become so famous in Bayeux is the result of over 300 years of history. This traditional craft is still practised and can be seen in the form of ribbons, ruffles and mantillas as well as scarves.

Lace is a great way to get into the local culture of an area and is also a wonderful souvenir of your trip! You can buy a range of different types of lace from Bayeux as well as other parts of the region.

Food and drink

Throughout Normandy you will find plenty of cheese, butter and agricultural produce to sample. These are rated as AOC or appellation d’origine controlĂ©e which means they have been certified to be produced in an area and must meet strict quality standards.

Cider, Perry and Calvados

If you’re a lover of cider then you will love this region of France. It produces a wide range of ciders that can be found in a variety of places around the country.

Normandy is also known for its delicious chickens that have been compared to fine wine. They have bright white plumage and steely blue feet so don’t miss out on this tasty treat while you are here!


The beaches and cliffs of Normandy offer the perfect backdrop for a whole host of water sports activities. The granite cliffs of the west and the limestone cliffs of the east provide unique landscapes for these exciting outdoor activities.