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Background check is a general term used to describe one or a combination of reports collected about individuals for work purposes. The technical term used by FCRA for the data set is a consumer report, defined as any written communication, oral, or other information by the consumer reporting agency that supports the feasibility of consumer credit status, credit capacity, character.

Many small business owners and big companies know a good employee value. But unlike large companies, small business owners are often unable to absorb the risks and obligations that may come from poor recruitment decisions. You can find a background screening company in Southern California through the PreEmployment screening Directory.

Employment background check in california

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More and more, large and small entrepreneurs feel they need to know about prospective backgrounds, and even now, employees. For small business owners, questions about how to find the best employees without violating the rights of privacy and other laws can be confusing. If you are a California employer, the technical term for a background check is an investigative consumer report.

Neither FCRA and California ICRAA require employers to conduct background checks. This law only sets the applicable standards if and when a background check is done. The focus of FCRA and ICRAA is not to help employers explore past applicants, but to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Without this standard, incorrect information can follow individuals for life.