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Same Day Cleaning Services

There are several ways to pay for Same Day Cleaning Services. Many of these services have secure online payment systems, which means you don’t need to go to an ATM. Plus, you will know the cost of the job before it’s begun, so you’ll know how much you’re paying up front. These services are easy to book and they handle all the details for you. Plus, they make it easy to search for the best professionals in your area and build a pro team.


Whether you need a quick cleanup for a small apartment or a complete overhaul of your entire home, Handy Same Day Cleaning Services can help you get your place looking sparkling again. Its experienced cleaners use eco-friendly products to tackle dust in every area. You can even book their services online for a stress-free booking process.

The website is easy to navigate and features an app for mobile devices. It also lets you select the type of service you need and select a professional cleaner. Once the payment has been processed, a professional cleaner will arrive at your location. Currently, the company is available in 28 cities nationwide. And with a satisfaction guarantee, you can feel confident that you’ll get a great cleaning from Handy.

The company began as Handybook in 2012. The founder of the company was inspired to create the platform to connect customers with excellent professionals. He had spent time renovating properties in Budapest and realized how difficult it was to find trustworthy handymen. After partnering with a business school classmate, he decided to create a website for customers to find outstanding professionals. The platform has since changed its name to Handy.

Handy screens professionals carefully before providing their services. Each contractor is required to provide proof of their credentials and experience. They also must pass a third-party background check. Customers should review these details and choose the one that best fits their needs. If you’d like to schedule a Handy appointment, you can book a quote through the website.

Another advantage of hiring a Handy professional is that you can set the time of your appointment. It is possible to choose a particular time to the half-hour and choose the days and hours you want the work done. This ensures that you don’t have to lose your afternoon waiting for an expert to arrive.

If you need to cancel your appointment, Handy’s online platform makes the process simple. You can cancel an appointment up to 24 hours in advance, but you need to call the company two hours prior to your appointment. Otherwise, you’ll be charged the full amount of the booking. So, it’s important to keep your end of the bargain. If you don’t cancel an appointment before the appointment time, you’ll be charged a $15 fee.

If you’re concerned about quality, make sure to read the reviews of Handy on its own website. Fortunately, the company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. While the majority of customer reviews are positive, there are also a few negative ones. Most of the positive ones note that the service was easy to use. Negative reviews are often due to individual professionals or contractors.


The cleaning services provided by Wizards Same Day Cleaning Services aim to offer a sparkling finish to both residential and commercial properties. Their service range includes move-in/out cleans, post-renovation scrubdowns, and more. Unfortunately, the company only serves lower Manhattan, so residents of other boroughs will need to hire other deep cleaning services.

A household full of dust and grime can be like a miniature civilization or a house-wide reenactment of World War I. However, with the help of a professional cleaning company, you can save time and money. Wizards Same Day Cleaning Services provides residential cleaning services for $35, and they are worth every penny. They use special cleaning solutions that bring out the natural colors of wood.

Cleaning professionals at Wizards Same Day Cleaning Services are courteous and efficient, and they can work in any environment. They offer flexible scheduling and a money-back guarantee. All of their workers are fully licensed and insured. They are also open on certain days. Cleaning professionals can post their details on HomeAdvisor, but the company does not review these profiles before posting them.


Tidy Same Day Cleaning Services are a convenient way to get your home or office cleaned within a single day. You can customize your To Do list and even upload photos of what you want cleaned. Tidy even offers a gift-cleaning session. Whether you’re strapped for time or have a senior relative suffering from persistent aches and pains, Tidy has the right service for you.

Typically, people spend between two to six hours cleaning their home on a weekly basis. But with increasing work hours and a limited amount of spare time during the week, many people don’t have the time to clean their homes. Therefore, hiring a company that offers same-day cleaning services is a wise decision.

You can register on the Tidy website. The registration form asks for your email address and full name. Once you have a verified email address, you can login to your account and schedule a cleaning session. The service costs $40 for an hour of cleaning. If you want a two-hour cleaning, it will cost $75.

Tidy is available in many metropolises around the United States, including Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, it isn’t yet available in many smaller towns and cities. However, the company is expanding throughout the country. Customers can also cancel their cleaning appointments if they have a change of plans. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy with your cleaning, you can easily get credit for future cleaning sessions.

Professional same-day cleaning services can deep clean your home to remove harmful bacteria. They have the right equipment and tools for the job and will vacuum the carpet and deep clean crevices. These services also improve the quality of indoor air. You’ll have a cleaner home in no time.

Another convenient feature of Tidy is that it offers a secure online payment system, which eliminates the need to use an ATM. With this app, you’ll also get an exact price before the job. The service takes care of all the hassle and confusion associated with booking a service. Furthermore, Handy has a search engine to help you find the best professionals in your area and build a pro team.