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If you’re looking for the best kosher sea salt, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ve probably heard about Morton’s, Gilles Hervy’s, and Maldon salt. You may also have heard of Diamond Crystal kosher salt, which is a medium grain salt that has gained the favor of professionals. So, what makes these brands stand out?

Maldon salt

Many people think that the common table salt is the best kosher salt, but they are not. Table salt is a very refined form of sodium chloride, and many types are fortified with trace minerals and iodine. While iodine is essential to the human body, it is rarely present in kosher salt. Iodine is found in trace amounts in sea salt and Himalayan salt, but they are not enough to significantly increase your daily nutrient intake.

The Maldon sea salt is a distinctly unique option. The soft, flaky texture complements soft seafood and vegetables with ease. The salt is packaged in a simple white box, and is around the same price as a ticket to a movie in New York City. In addition to being a premium option, Maldon is also a good value for the money. It’s also very affordable – a 44-ounce box costs around $15.

Morton’s kosher salt

The first thing to look for in a kosher salt is its weight per volume. It varies significantly between brands. If you’re making sausage, pickles, or sauerkraut, you’ll want to weigh your salt. Otherwise, you can substitute salt with table salt or sea salt if you’re cooking for a small family or don’t want to use too much salt.

Morton’s kosher flakes are larger than those of Diamond Crystal and are much denser. While Morton’s flakes are coarser, Morton’s is twice as dense as Diamond Crystal, making it better for cooking and salting. If you don’t need a lot of salt, Morton’s kosher salt is the best choice.

Morton’s kosher salt comes in a resealable bag and is the best kosher salt from Saltworks. It comes in different shapes and is naturally harvested and smoked over English oak. Its smoky flavor isn’t overwhelming and is the perfect complement for brisket and elegant food. The price is very reasonable – you can get a 44-oz bag for less than the price of a movie in New York.

Gilles Hervy’s salt

The sea salts of Guerande have long been prized for their delicate flavor. Artisan salt producer Gilles Hervy makes fleur de sel from natural seawater. He refuses to work with a cooperative that supplements his stock with Portuguese salt. Instead, he carries on a long and labor-intensive tradition. He offers a kosher version of his fleur de sel.

This salt is similar to Camargue fleur de sel, with an amber gray hue that suggests hand-harvesting. A bag costs $21.66, and it’s cheaper than a plane ticket to France! The price is right, too. It’s perfect for kashering meat, brining ice cream, or baking with. And it’s less than a movie ticket in New York City!

Diamond Crystal kosher salt

If you’re looking for kosher salt, then Diamond Crystal may be the brand for you. Diamond Crystal has been a staple of kosher kitchens for more than a century, and its side pour spout makes it easy to measure the amount you need. Since it’s made in the United States, this salt has been a trusted supplier since 1886. It’s part of the Salts Worldwide family, a company owned by Cargill.

This brand of kosher salt uses the unique Alberger process developed by Charles Moore and John and Louis Alberger, and is regarded as one of the best. This unique process results in salt crystals with unique shapes and many facets, ensuring extraordinary flavor and adherence. It’s made using a unique, proprietary process and is available in 3-pound boxes. Because of its unique texture and low sodium content, this brand is ideal for everyday cooking.