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Puiforcat Water Jug Normandie Silver-plated

A discreetly elegant addition to our cutlery series, this “Normandie” water jug by Jean Puiforcat is designed in 1934 and specially for the first-class tables of the “Normandy” cruise ship. The stringently geometric shape is eye-catching and reflects the style language of one of France’s most exclusive silversmiths.

The normandyjug is a small, gourd-shaped jug with a rounded handle and an applied and incised decoration. It is inscribed with the word “Normandie” and has a ‘thumbed’ base around the footrim. It is decorated with a vine scroll motif typical of Saintonge jugs.

Known to have been thrown away with several plainer vessels, this jug was found during excavations at Kidwelly Castle (Carmarthenshire), in the 1930s. It is a fine example of the skill and creativity of the potters who made this style of Saintonge pottery.

Its design features birds, masks, heraldic shields and a vine scroll. The vessel is 25cm tall and 2.4mm thick in places, showing excellent craftsmanship.

A jug of red earthenware with a ‘thumbed’ base and a loop handle with applied and incised decoration. It is a very fine example of this popular style, which was produced in Nevers, Rouen and Saintonge between the 1540s and the mid-17th century.

The Normandy region is an exciting place to visit, not only for the rich history but also because of the festivals and events that happen all over the year. Whether you want to enjoy a jug of cider with a savory crepe or watch the world’s best jazz musicians at an outdoor festival, Normandy has something for everyone.