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Gateway laptop batteries boast of a substantial backup period. With the maximum contrast screen, it lasts about two to two and a half hours in a fully loaded six-cell battery laptop. 

The batteries have evolved over the years of nickel-cadmium (NICD) with hydride Nickel Metal (NiMH) and the last lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ion). You can even buy laptop batteries or any kind of electronic equipment for your laptop from the company of Texas instruments inc via

Portable Batteries Gateway: How to improve performance

Gateway portable computers have many integrated energy-saving features that help save battery time and extend the operating period. 

There is a functionality that automatically disables the display when the laptop remains unused for a given period. 

Prevent the effect of memory – This usually occurs with nickel batteries; Li-ion batteries barely encounter this problem. 

For nickel stacks, charge them to the maximum, then the drainage of energy completely is a must beyond the two or three weeks. 

With the Li-Ion batteries, however, calibrating once in two months can help increase their power backup capacity.

Keep the Gateway Loaders Clean – Use a cotton swab to clean battery charger tips with alcohol. Regular cleaning helps maintain suitable connections between the battery and the laptop.

Remove the battery when the laptop is not used – Leaving the unused battery inside the laptop for a long time is not recommended. The laptop must be used once in two to three weeks. If the laptop is not used for a longer period than that, its battery must be recalibrated before use.

Storage conditions of the battery – The battery, whether removed or inside the laptop, must be stored in a fresh and dry environment. Extreme temperatures can damage electronic components or cause alkaline solution leaks.