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Designed to store and pour your favorite liquids, this normandyjug is the perfect bar accessory. It’s made of barrel oak and embellished with brass rings for a look that will impress.

The jug’s shape and decoration are inspired by the prow of the Normandie ocean liner, which was a symbol of modernity during the 1930s. This style of jug is often used to store wine, cider, beer or water.

This example has been dated to the late 13th century and is decorated in a vine scroll motif typical of Saintonge jugs. It was found during excavations at Kidwelly Castle (Carmarthenshire) in the 1930s, and is a rare example of this type of vessel, which has been produced for over 500 years.

It’s also unique in that the foot of this jug is ‘thumbed’ all around and has a convex bottom, which was believed to allow it to stand upright without rolling about on a table. Recent experimentation by a potter who has made extensive research into medieval ceramic manufacturing techniques suggests that this is a deliberate design feature that makes the jug more stable when placed on a flat surface, and therefore more likely to be used in the kitchen or drinking den.

In addition, this jug is inscribed with the initials G M and a 3 on the handle. Its ‘gres’ color and incised pattern make it a lovely decorative piece that will bring a touch of French Country charm to your home decor.