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Normandyjug – An Antique Cider Pitcher Jug

This unique piece is made of barrel oak, decorated with polished brass rings and is embellished with a castle crest. Crafted in Normandy France circa 1860, this is the perfect addition to your wine cellar or wet bar.

The Normandy region is famous for its half-timbered houses which have remained an iconic architectural style throughout the centuries. These distinctive homes are built from local materials like wood, stone and tin.

Historically, Normandy has been an important region for the production of faience and Rouen is known for producing some of the finest faience in the world. It has been making faience since at least the 1540s and is influenced by French and Italian maiolica styles but has also been influenced by East Asian porcelain.

Apple cider vinegar from the region of Normandy is renowned for its quality and produced using the traditional “Orleans Method” which is made solely by natural fermentation in oak caskets. This combines the rich flavor of apples with wild yeasts native to the area, giving it a uniquely nuanced and delicious taste.

The Milkmaid

A milkmaid is an icon of popular culture that has long signified the region of Normandy to outsiders and to Normans alike. A depiction of the milkmaid is often found in early nineteenth century travel literature and popular art and can still be seen today.

Arthur Le Duc’s Norman Milkmaid (modern re-casting) was first shown at the Salon of 1887 and is now housed in the public gardens of Saint-Lo.