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Normandy is known for its apple cider and the potent Calvados distilled from it, but there are so many other things to do in this area of France. It’s a place that is rich in history, from Viking raids to the Battle of Normandy during WWII. You can also visit Bayeux, famous for its lace-making traditions.

Antique Brass Milk Jug

This beautifully crafted jug would have been used by dairy farmers to transport the milk from their farm to distribution centers or markets. In the 1800’s this would have been done by horse and wagon.

Decorative Cider Pitcher

This beautiful antique cider pitcher was made in Normandy France circa 1860, and would have been used to hold and serve the apple cider that the region is famous for. It is constructed from barrel oak and embellished with polished brass rings and a handle on top.

The crest on the front is decorated with castle and leaf motifs. This would have been a perfect piece to decorate a bar or wine cellar.

Decorative Glass cider or wine jug

This engraved glass cider or wine jug was made in Northern France and dates from the mid-19th century. It is in excellent condition and shows a little wear to the rim of the base consistent with 170 years of use.

Medieval Jugs with ‘thumbing’ around the footrim

There has been much speculation about the ‘thumbing’ found around the footrim of medieval jugs and how it might have been intended to prevent the’sagging’ of the convex bottoms which can cause the jug to roll. A recent study has demonstrated that the ‘thumbing’ on this type of jug actually counteracted this sagging and was in fact quite a useful design feature.