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A Victorian French (Normandy) mould-blown, engraved glass cider or wine jug dating from the middle of the 19th century. The jug is in excellent condition for its age, showing age related wear to the rim of the base consistent with some 170 years of use. It is adorned with an elegant, integrated medallion – a perfect place for your initials, which can be engraved on request.

Normandy is a beautiful region and is renowned for its cider. You’ll find many artisanal cider estates in the area, and Calvados, the potent apple brandy, is produced here as well.

The region is also famous for its medieval festivals in the summer. One of the best is the ‘Fete Medievale’ at Crevecoeur-en-Auge, which takes place from 11-14 August.

Festivals are a great way to see the region during your trip, and you’ll be spoilt for choice in July as there’s a large range from jazz to events which look back to the past. Mid October is also a good time for food festivals including La Fete du Ventre, one of France’s largest farmers’ and local produce markets, plus there are more food festivals as the harvest begins.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 is a World War II-based tactical real-time strategy (RTS) game with detailed, historically accurate units, weapons, and locations. The gameplay is complex and challenging, but also rewarding.

The game features a unique take on tactics and strategy near the close of the Second World War, which makes it ideal for armchair generals. The game has a distinctive stress indicator that helps players keep their units from being pinched down or overwhelmed by opponents’ superior numbers, allowing them to continue pressuring enemies without killing them.