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Normandy – the region that personifies the good life

With its picture-perfect beaches, belle epoque seaside resorts and dramatic landscapes away from the crowds, Normandy is one of the most sought-after destinations in France. And while it’s renowned for its picturesque towns and quaint villages, this green and calm region also offers plenty of adventure and sport.

For the gastronomic aficionados, Normandy is home to a number of culinary delights that are unique to this part of France. From the classic ‘4 Cs’ — cider, Camembert, Calvados and cream, to the more modern addition of Calvados apple brandy – this charming region has something for everyone.

A private cheese and cider tour is a great way to explore the soul of Normandy through its two most beloved culinary delights: Camembert and hard cider, both made from locally grown apples. Join a small-group tour to visit a cheese factory in the village of Livarot, a cider house in the middle of fields and a new Calvados museum in Pont l’Eveque.

Luxury Normandy trips delve deep into the region’s rich history and culture, exploring historic monuments and poignant World War II memorials as well as lesser-known sites that are rarely visited by tourists. Your trip can be bespoke, with local guides sharing their expert insight and knowledge.

The area’s long, sandy beaches and granite cliffs are also well-suited for water sports enthusiasts and horse lovers. And the unique bocage hedges that are typical of Normandy’s western coastline offer the perfect environment for golf, fishing and hiking.