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Normandy has a wide variety of traditional foods and drinks that are cherished throughout the region. It is famous for its cider, calvados and apple cider vinegar, but there are also many other delicacies that are made locally.

Lace: From Bayeux and beyond

The town of Bayeux is known for its lace making traditions which date back over 300 years. They produce both bobbin lace and laced clothing like scarves, mantillas and shawls.

Cathedrals: The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Bayeux is one of the most beautiful buildings in Normandy with its magnificent spire and interior. It is a largely Norman structure with a double triforium and round, circular arches resting on ponderous pillars.

Domestic Architecture: The quaint and incongruous companionship of domestic architecture with that of church architecture is not a new thing in Normandy, but it is something that is very much alive and well here. It is possible to find some very fine examples of this kind of domestic architecture, but more often than not it is merely the product of a very skilled carpenter who has chosen the simplest form of construction and embellished it with fine details.

Jugs: This jug is of red earthenware with applied and incised decoration and traces of brown glaze. The base is ‘thumbed’ all around, with the front of the mouth moulded in rough representations of human faces; below, a formal brooch between human breasts in relief; and the lower part of the body has applied straight and wavy vertical stripes.