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A jug is a cylindrical container with a handle for holding and pouring liquids.

From Normandy, this polished brass milk jug was hand-crafted circa 1850. The outside of the stocky container was lightly textured by a technique called hammering.


This Normandy jug was hand-crafted circa 1850 from polished brass. The exterior of the stocky container was lightly textured by a technique known as hammering and features a scalloped collar where the neck attaches to the body, a rolled lip mirrored by a protuberant ridge, and a thick handle that rises from the decorative midsection. A molded lid with a riveted handle provides a secure seal, keeping contents safe and dry. The jug is in excellent condition and retains a T-shaped gadget mark on the bottom of its base.

The picturesque strip of Normandy from Coutances to Cherbourg, France, is a beautiful sight. The country is a patchwork of smiling hills and deep valleys covered with rich pastures. The villages are arranged in a grid, and the houses are of a most pleasing design and color.


A jug with a long neck and extra high finish is the epitome of elegance. This normandyjug from Normandy, France is no exception, measuring in at a hefty 7.8 cm (3.1 inches) diameter and 15.5 cm (6.2 inches) tall. It is made of polished barrel oak, a material that looks and feels great. It is decorated with polished brass rings and a crest on the front. Its rolled lip is a sight to behold, and it is also cleverly designed with a molded lid that seals the deal. It is a fine example of a well-made, high-quality vintage piece that will serve you for years to come.