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Normandy Jug

There are many great things to do in the area of Normandy in France, including visiting the historic town of Bayeux where bobbin lace has been a craft for hundreds of years. You can also enjoy cider in the region which has been made here since the 11th century.

Cider Festivals and Food Events in the region

There is a large number of cider festivals throughout the year in the region. The main event is held on mid October weekend where you can expect a massive farmer’s and local produce market with over 100 stalls. You can also visit cider estates and try a glass of Calvados which is made from apples and is a popular drink with locals.

The Allied invasion of Normandy was an epic event in military history. It was an attack that depended on the use of air power to a remarkable degree.

As a result, this operation is often described as Operation Overlord and will always be remembered as an example of the importance of air power in warfare. Without air power, the battle would have been impossible to win.

A vital element of this battle was the coordination between the two groups that control tactical aircraft based on land. This was achieved by the close cooperation of the Ninth Air Force’s IX TAC and 2 TAF’s 83 Group.

The relationship between the IX TAC and 83 Group had evolved into something of an unbreakable bond over the weeks leading up to the landings in Normandy, and it was one that continued through to the end of the war. Even after the landings, Allied air controllers relied on this teamwork to plan and execute their campaigns. During the months of concentrated air warfare, this was an important factor in securing the victory for the Allies.