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A Victorian French (Normandy), mould-blown, engraved glass cider or wine jug dating from the middle of the 19th century. It is in excellent condition and shows age related wear to the rim of the base consistent with some 170 years of use.

This Normandy jug is beautifully decorated with a vine scroll motif typical of Saintonge jugs, which were made in the mid-thirteenth century. It is 25cm tall and in places only 2.4mm thick.


Authenticity is an ideal that many people strive to maintain, but it’s a journey that can be difficult to start. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to live more authentically.

Whether you’re visiting Normandy for the first time or looking to relive your childhood memories, the region is known for its strong connection to the land and to its people. A souvenir that will help you to reconnect with the local culture is a 100% ’Made in Normandy’ nautical striped shirt and sweater from Saint-James.

This ethical French fashion brand has been making shirts and sweaters since 1889, using the finest materials and the best techniques available to create top quality clothing that you can take home as a reminder of your visit to this beautiful part of France. They’re also great for keeping you warm on those colder days and can be a real treat to keep in your wardrobe.

If you’re in the market for a boozy tipple while you’re on holiday, be sure to sample some of Normandy’s best cider. A glass of this refreshing drink is a wonderful way to relax and unwind after a day sightseeing or hiking, and can be purchased from cider farms throughout the region.

Another popular drink is a glass of white wine, and Normandy produces some of the world’s best wines. There are a number of vineyards to choose from in this stunning area, with many offering tours and tasting sessions to get you acquainted with the region’s wine culture.

For a more casual option, try a beer from a local brewery. These microbreweries are often the best way to discover new and unusual beers in France, so be sure to check out their local offerings!

Similarly, Normandy has some of the most beautiful ciders in Europe. You can find a range of ciders to suit all tastes at cider bars in this charming and historical part of France.

While you’re there, why not try a box of their delicious biscuits? These are made with the highest quality ingredients, including butter, eggs and milk from Normandy. They’re the perfect accompaniment to your meal and are a great way to take home a taste of the region!


Normandy is a beautiful part of France, with rolling green hills, apple and pear orchards, farmland, and lots of cows. They also produce a lot of cheese, cider, and seafood.

The region of Normandy has its own unique style and culture. It is also known for its traditional cuisine. It is a region that is full of mouth watering foods and delicacies that are worth trying when you are in this area.

For example, there is the famous Marmite Dieppoise which combines butter, cider and creme fraiche in a dish that is perfect for anyone who loves seafood. This is a traditional dish in this region that is eaten throughout the entire country, but it is particularly popular in coastal villages.

Besides its culinary delights, the region of Normandy is also home to several historical landmarks. This includes the Bayeux Tapestry, where William the Conqueror is believed to have met his wife Joan of Anjou, and Caen Cathedral.

Another thing you should know about Normandy is that it is the world’s largest producer of cider. This is mainly due to the fact that they have such an abundance of apples.

You can find cider in Normandy that is made from a variety of different types of apples. You will also find that cider comes in various levels of sweetness.

Some of the sweeter ciders are around 1.5-3% alcohol and they go well with desserts, but some of them are much drier and are a little stronger and more suitable for drinking with a meal.

Cider has been produced in Normandy since the 11th century and it is one of the main exports of this region. There are many cider making estates that specialize in producing fine artisanal cider for export.

There are a few different types of cider that are produced in the area including Calvados, which is an apple brandy. You can also find Eaux de Vie (apple juice) in the area which is a sweet and refreshing drink.

The region of Normandy is also well known for its boudin noir, which is a pork sausage that is traditionally made with blood. It is a very delicacy and is usually served with mashed potatoes or other dishes.


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