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A Normandy jug is an ideal gift for those who love the countryside and enjoy drinking cider. This jug is made in the famous “Orleans Method” of apple cider production and it has a distinct, nuanced flavor.

The average Englishman is familiar with Normandy but he knows little about its history or associations. So he may be surprised to discover that there is more to it than meets the eye!


A Normandy, France polished brass milk jug that was hand-crafted circa 1850. The stocky container is lightly textured with a technique called hammering, and has a scalloped collar where the neck attaches to the body. A rolled lip and a protuberant ridge along the circumference are also featured on this jug. A thick handle rises from the decorative midsection, and a molded lid with a riveted handle provides a secure seal.

The design of the normandyjug is inspired by traditional half-timbered houses seen throughout the region of Normandy in France. This architectural style originated in the 15th century and remained a common practice for over 300 years.

In the past, dairy farmers and home owners would bring their own vessels to gather at local gathering places such as the market or a church. These would then be used to transport the milk from their farms to a distribution center or market.

Another popular beverage in the region of Normandy is Calvados, which is a brandy made from apples or pears. This jug was originally used to serve this beverage, but it could be used as a beautiful decoration for your bar or wine cellar.

The normandyjug is a great addition to any collection, as it can be easily displayed in any setting. Its elegant design and rich color will add a touch of elegance to any space. It is also available in other sizes and shapes to suit your needs. For more information, please visit our product page. The image is free for personal and commercial use.


A charmingly engraved milk jug made of polished brass and crafted around 1850. The body of the jug is lightly textured and is adorned with foliage that extends up to the neck and ends in a small foot. The jug features a thick handle which rises from the body and is attached to the neck near the pouring rim. The jug is marked with ‘WEBB ENGLAND’ on the base and is in excellent condition for its age.