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Normandy Jug

Among the most famous exports of Normandy is cider. Cider is a fermented apple juice, and there are many cider estates throughout the region.

There are also a number of other local beverages. Calvados, for example, is a strong apple brandy made in the area.

A little further inland is the port town of Cherbourg, which is a hive of activity at any time of year. In fact, it is the main naval port of France.

Bayeux is another important port of the region, and is one of the few towns in the country to survive D-Day without being completely destroyed by the Germans. The surviving buildings are a testament to this, and are a great place to see the impact of the war on this part of the country.

The lace making industry is another significant factor in the history of Bayeux, and is something that can be seen on many items of clothing. The bobbin lace is usually dyed in black, and can be found on everything from scarves to shawls.

This antique Normandy cider jug is crafted in barrel oak, and features a brass handle. It has a castle crest and leaf motifs on the front, and is in excellent condition.

It measures 9.5” diameter, and 13.25” height.

It is decorated with a vine scroll motif typical of Saintonge jugs, and has been inscribed with the name “Kidwelly Castle”.
While it may not be the most valuable item of Saintonge pottery, this jug has a very attractive appearance and shows the skill of the potters at this important regional centre. The vessel was probably produced between 1275 and 1320, and is a fine example of the high quality that was achieved in the area at that time.