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Normandy has a rich heritage. From the famous Bayeux Tapestry to lace-making, the region has much to offer visitors.

Drinks & Beverages

One of the most well-known local beverages is cider. This sweet, fruity drink has been around since the 11th century and is now produced in large quantities all over the country. You can try this apple-based alcoholic beverage in a local pub, or at home in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Art History

French artists were often drawn to the rural regions of their native country and Normandy was no exception. The renowned 19th-century painter Jean-Francois Millet, for example, found a natural affinity with the countryside in this region, capturing the simple joys of farming and life.

Lacemakers in the region are also known for their work and the town of Bayeux is home to a large museum dedicated to this craft. The bobbin lace of this region is usually dyed black and has been made for centuries.

Food & Drink

Normandy is also known for its cheeses. Camembert is an especially popular variety, but there are also several others that have their own unique flavor. The milk used for these cheeses comes from cows that graze in the fields of this region.


Normandy is also home to the Musée de la Peche (Musee de l’Epicerie), which houses some of the finest works of modern sculpture in France. Some of the pieces in this gallery are available for viewing by appointment.