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Normandy is famous for cider and calvados, its potent apple brandy. It is also known for its lace-making tradition that dates back to 300 years. The city of Bayeux is well-known for its lace as well.

The Medieval Festivals in July

In Normandy there are a number of festivals that celebrate the past including jazz and events that look back to the Middle Ages. During this time the towns of Mont-Saint-Michel and Bayeux are lit up in spectacular fashion.

Normandy Cider

The area has been producing cider since the 11th century and is one of the main exports from this region. You can find many farms producing this locally and you can buy a jug to take away with you as souvenirs of your time in Normandy.

Normandy Lace

The area is also famous for its lace which can be found in all sorts of different shapes. These include shawls, mantillas and scarves. You can also visit the lace museum to see this beautiful art form up close and personal.

Normandy Faience

Rouen has been a centre for the production of faience or tin-glazed earthenware pottery since at least the 1540s. It has developed several styles and was influenced by both French and East Asian porcelains.

Unlike Nevers faience, which largely used Italian maiolica techniques to decorate its wares, Rouen faience is essentially French in inspiration, but with later influences from East Asia.

The Rouen style is similar to the North French style which was present on excavations in London as early as c. 1200 and may still have been in circulation as late as c. 1340, but on a much reduced scale.