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A stylish addition to your tableware, this silver-plated normandyjug by Puiforcat is a sophisticated piece that can be engraved with an initial. It was designed in 1934 and is a classic example of Puiforcat’s discreetly elegant cutlery line.

Antique Cider Jug – Normandy France

A charming accessory for your wine cellar or wet bar, this antique cider jug is crafted in barrel oak decorated with polished brass rings and further embellished with a brass handle. The crest on the front features castle and leaf motifs.

Antique Brass Milk Jug – Rom Normandy, France

A sturdy and functional vessel, this antique brass milk jug is hand-crafted circa 1850. The outside of the stocky container was lightly textured by a technique called hammering, and features a scalloped collar where the neck attaches to the body. The mouth has a rolled lip, and the jug is mirrored by a protuberant ridge that runs along its circumference. A thick handle rises from the decorative midsection and attaches near the lip of the jug, while a molded lid with a riveted handle provides a secure seal to keep contents from spilling out.

Identify an Antique French Jug

During the 1800s, dairy farmers and their families often transported milk from their farms to distribution centers or markets in individual containers like this one. In the early 1900s, this need for individual carafes diminished, as trucks allowed milk to be delivered in bulk. However, antique jugs are a lovely way to remember the past, and this beautiful example of a Normandy cider jug would make a wonderful home accent piece for a country kitchen.