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The best chew toy for your cat is one that has high quality and is durable. You should look for a toy that is made of durable materials and is made of strong stitching. Cats can be very rough with their toys so they should be made of materials that can withstand the play of your feline friend.

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

Fresh Breath Mint Stick is filled with fragrant, fresh mint that helps clean your cat’s breath as it chews. The durable netting in the center provides a crinkle sound while kitty chews, while the minty leaves help remove soft tartar from your cat’s teeth. It also helps exercise your cat’s jaw muscles, thereby promoting good oral health.

The Petstages Fresh Breath Mint stick is filled with mint, a closely related cousin of catnip. This minty treat helps remove soft tartar from your pet’s teeth, which can lead to bad breath and rotten teeth. The stick releases more minty scent as it is rolled.

The Dental Health Chews by Petstages are great for teething kittens and professional chewers. Made of durable mesh netting, the stick gently scrapes off soft plaque. The mint flavor makes it a fun toy for non-chewing cats, too. The toy also recharges by rolling it between your fingers.

Fresh Breath Mint Stick releases an invigorating mint scent when rolled. The minty stick is safe to use with your cat, but you should supervise him while using it. Make sure to check it regularly to make sure it’s not broken or torn apart. Otherwise, your cat may hurt itself by ingesting it.

When buying a cat chew toy, don’t be fooled by price tags. You need to buy the right one for your cat based on its size, shape, and materials. Some toys are great for your cat’s teeth, while others will just annoy it. It’s best to read reviews before you buy a new one.

TwinCritters KittiCrack

A cat chew toy is an excellent way to keep your cat amused. But while many toys are made of rubber or plastic, the TwinCritters KittiCrack is made of silvervine, a fine powder. Whether your kitty is bored with the usual chew toy or wants something more challenging, KittiCrack will keep her occupied for hours.

This toy is made of natural silvervine, which is known to improve a cat’s health and well-being. The toy is completely safe for cats and contains no chemicals. Silvervine is a natural stimulant that many cats prefer to catnip.

Petstages Night time Catnip Rolls

Petstages Night time Catnip rolls are filled with 100% North American catnip, and are perfect for your cat’s quiet nighttime play. The soft nylon rope that they’re made of reduces noise while providing your feline friend with hours of entertainment. Plus, they’re durable and cost-effective.

The catnip in these Petstages toys is highly concentrated, so your cat won’t get enough of it in a day. The scent of real dried mint leaves stimulates saliva production, which helps clean your cat’s mouth from harmful bacteria. This toy is filled with a delicious aroma and is great for chewing.

These toys also promote proper oral health, so they’re great for teething kittens. The durable netting keeps it from unraveling, and the catnip helps your feline keep his breath fresh. As a bonus, you can also use these chew toys as a dental tool for your pet.

The Plaque Away Pretzel is another great option for cats. This toy’s double mesh scrapes plaque away from the cat’s teeth. This cat chew toy comes in a convenient pack of twelve or twenty-five pieces.

These reusable sticks contain a natural mint scent. Fresh mint is a close cousin of catnip, and they also help improve your cat’s oral hygiene. Unlike other catnip toys, this catnip stick never unravels and is perfect for your cat’s teeth. They come in a handy resealable container.

Another great option for cat chew toys is a pack of kitty-friendly cotton linen balls. These toys are durable and filled with 100% natural catnip. They have different colors and shapes, and they’re great for calming teething cats. These toys are also affordable and durable.

CatTwig Silver Vine

If you want to buy your cat a chew toy that will last for years, you should definitely check out the CatTwig Silver Vine. It is made of all-natural silver vine sticks, which cats find very appealing. It also contains natural catnip and is great for cleaning your cat’s teeth.

Aside from being natural, CatTwig silver vine is also packaged in an environmentally friendly way. It has a resealable pouch, and is recyclable. Not only does it promote your cat’s dental health, but it also relieves stress. The silver vine is 100% organic and all-natural, which helps exfoliate your cat’s teeth and gums. Another cat chew toy that contains catnip is the Leaps & Bounds Little Paws Teething Mouse.

The silvervine is made from bark, which helps exfoliate plaque from your cat’s teeth. This results in healthier gums and overall dental health. The silver vine comes in resealable packaging, which preserves its potency and freshness. This way, you don’t have to worry about exposing your cat to harmful chemicals in traditional cat chew toy packaging.

Catnip toys have been around for a long time. However, silvervine is a more effective alternative. It contains two cat attractants that are more powerful than catnip. And the silver vine doesn’t break down in a couple of minutes.

Silvervine is also known to decrease stress. It also improves your cat’s social behavior. By offering your cat silvervine, he will be less aggressive, which can lead to better interactions. But, silvervine should only be given to your cat occasionally, and for short periods of time. This will allow your cat to get the maximum effect from the toy.

Silvervine powder is a natural alternative to catnip. This all-natural plant is harvested at the peak of its season. Silvervine powder is a great alternative for your cat’s dental health. It is also biodegradable. Moreover, silvervine is far more effective than catnip.

While chewing on these toys, your cat will also enjoy improved oral hygiene and improved dental health. The durable netting prevents the toy from unraveling and helps clean your pet’s teeth at the same time. It is available in a pack of six.