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Before buying a cat chew toy, it’s best to know what your cat likes. Some cats enjoy fabric chew toys while others aren’t so particular. Whatever your cat’s preference, try to find something similar. If your cat is active, finding a suitable chew toy won’t be difficult, but if it’s not, it might take a little more effort.

Durable netting

The best cat chew toy is made with durable netting, which helps clean tartar and soft plaque from your cat’s teeth. Its design is also pleasing to your cat’s sense of smell, which helps keep your pet’s breath fresh. A crinkly, leafy end will also appeal to your cat’s taste buds.

While you might be tempted to purchase anything your cat can chew on, choose a durable toy that your cat will enjoy for years to come. Choose a sturdy one with double stitching for added durability. And don’t forget to check the toy’s price tag, as some toys are quite expensive.

Another durable cat toy is the catnip toy, which is ideal for swatting and batting. This toy is filled with organic catnip and is made of a sturdy fabric. Another option is a lightweight fish-shaped cat chew toy. Cats love to bite the netting in these toys, and the durable netting won’t unravel even after the chewing of your cat. These toys are a great choice for cats of all ages, and are great for both kittens and adults.

Another inexpensive toy is the Petstages Dental Banana. Made of polyester, this toy is durable, lightweight, and safe for your cat’s gums. A bonus: it contains catnip, which can help remove tartar and soft plaque. The price of this toy is also extremely affordable, at $4 per toy.

Cats love to chew on anything and everything, and this toy will help them to practice their oral hygiene. It will provide your cat with hours of entertainment, and will prevent your pet from choking on dangerous items. The best cat chew toy will have a variety of other play possibilities for your cat.

Durable netting is essential for the best cat chew toy. It will remove soft tartar and clean your pet’s teeth as it is chewed. Its crinkly material encourages chewing and will also release oils. The best cat chew toy is also non-toxic, making it a great choice for your feline friend.

Versatile design

The most appealing cat chew toys are those that are multifunctional, offering multiple play options. These toys are sure to get plenty of use and may become a favorite of your pet. Look for durable materials and stitching that will withstand the chewing power of your pet. You can also check out different features such as gum-massaging nodules and a minty scent.

The KONG Wubba is a great toy for teething kittens. The Wubba is made of durable material that crinkles and rattles. This toy is ideal for smaller cats and can be easily stuffed inside a small purse or pocket. Another great feature of this toy is that it smells like catnip. This toy is also suitable for thinner bully sticks.

Catnip-infused filling

A cat chew toy filled with catnip can keep your cat’s teeth and gums healthy and fresh. These toys are easy for your cat to carry around, and they can stimulate their mental and physical needs. They also satisfy their natural hunting instincts. Catnip-infused stuffed toys tend to last longer than non-stuffed ones, but you should check them regularly to ensure that the filling doesn’t come out.

Another type of cat chew toy contains fresh mint. Like catnip, mint is an herbal plant that is known for promoting dental health. This stick also helps to prevent stinky breath in your cat. The stick’s netting helps to remove tartar and helps your cat have fresh breath after chewing. Another great feature of this cat toy is that it is durable and will never unravel.

Some cats react to catnip differently. Some drool on the toy, while others experience a boost in energy. Catnip is not effective for every cat, however; most cats are responsive to it, but 80 percent of cats will feel its euphoric effects, lasting between five and 15 minutes.

Catnip is a natural plant found in nature. The essential oil found in catnip triggers the cat’s pheromone receptors. The scent can cause your cat to salivate, shake their head or roll around in an attempt to catch the scent.

A cat chew toy that is filled with catnip can also promote dental health. This is important to remember when shopping for a toy for your cat. You’ll need to make sure it is durable, and filled with catnip. Cats like a toy that has lots of different play options.

A cat chew toy is a great way to encourage healthy chewing habits and redirect destructive chewing behavior away from your hands. Some toys are made of soft corrugated cardboard and others are made of tougher materials. Regardless of what kind your cat prefers, a catnip toy will help them feel happy and comfortable.


If your cat has chewed a cat chew toy, you might be wondering whether the manufacturer offers a warranty on that particular product. The warranty covers your investment for a period of one year after purchase. However, it does not cover any other damages. To obtain the warranty, you should have a proof of purchase. This proof should list the date, vendor, product name, SKU, and price. If you are unable to show proof of purchase, your warranty may be voided.

If your cat chew toy is not functioning properly, you should return it within 30 days of purchase. FurHaven Pet has a return policy. You can return the product for free if it does not meet your requirements. You can also get a replacement or repair if the original product was defective. However, you must ensure that you return the product in a saleable condition. In addition, the company will not replace any part of the product if you have lost or stolen the product.