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Your Bible is probably the most important book you own. You can use it every day to study the Bible, weekly at church, or perhaps only as a source of inspiration or comfort. You can also read about Jesus and the biblical timeline in the Bible.

Most people have their Bible for years and some Bibles even hereditary. Regardless of how or what you use it for, your Bible needs to be kept in good condition and the cover of the Bible is the best way to provide this. 

There are many different covers available. They come in various sizes, made of different materials, and have other options available. Just as there are several covers of the Bible that men might prefer, there are some that women would surely prefer. 

Actually, that's not in the Bible - CNN

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They may come with a zipper and handle and can also be used as a wallet. Women also will use a tote bag to carry them in the Bible. No matter what, the Bible is not protected in need of a good cover.

It prevents the Bible from gathering dust, reducing the risk of wear and damage, and can help reduce the number of pages wrinkles.

Leather is always a good choice. It is durable and can have a variety of finishes. The leather cover can be raised and also available in different colors. Handles and zippered pockets are also options with a skin blanket.