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You can either do your own cleaning or hire an Airbnb cleaning company to help you. You should consider using organic chemicals when you clean your property. Also, you should consider buying a welcoming book for your guests, so that they can feel at home while they are staying at your house. When it comes to hiring a cleaning service, make sure that you are well-informed about which companies can do the best job for you.

Do it yourself vs hiring an Airbnb cleaning company

Taking care of your Airbnb can be time-consuming. If you have more guests than you can handle, you may want to hire a cleaning service. Or, you could do it yourself. However, both options have pros and cons. The right choice for you will depend on how much time you have and how frequently you need to clean.

Hiring a professional Airbnb cleaning company can be more expensive than doing it yourself, but it can also be more effective. A professional cleaning service will know the best cleaning methods and will keep your property in tip-top shape. In addition, a good cleaning service will maintain positive reviews from guests, which can help improve SEO and make your listing more visible.

When hiring an Airbnb cleaning company, you’ll need to consider the square footage of your home. This helps the company decide how much to charge. You’ll also need to factor in travel costs. Some companies charge by the square foot, while others will multiply the square footage by a fixed rate.

It’s important to have a strong communication relationship with your cleaning company. They’ll need to know when you’re planning to stay on site, if you have kids or if you have other special requests. Their team will also need to know if there are any major issues with your property.

You should also be aware that you’ll need to purchase some supplies. Most cleaning supplies are not included in the Airbnb cleaning cost, so you’ll need to buy these items. Also, you’ll need to buy heavy-duty equipment.

Keep in mind that the Airbnb cleaning process takes time, so you’ll need to set aside some time to do it yourself. Plus, you’ll be spending your time on other tasks. Even if you have spare time, it can be difficult to find the time to dedicate to Airbnb cleaning.

To be successful, you’ll need to take a fresh look at your cleaning strategy. Re-evaluating your approach can help you become a better host and give your business the best chance to grow.

Clean your property after guests check-out

Airbnb cleaning companies can help you keep your property clean between guests. However, you must do your homework to ensure you get the best service. Using a professional service can save you a lot of time. The company can handle most of the cleaning process.

First, take a walk through of your rental. Look for dirt and dust on surfaces. Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces like sinks and counters. Use a Dust Microfiber Cloth to pick up dirt and dust on bare floors and baseboards.

Next, take a look at your calendar. Set a time to clean your rental. Ask a cleaning company to notify you of a cleaning appointment in advance. This will make sure your apartment is ready for the next guest.

Once you are ready to schedule the cleaning, select the option to add a cleaning fee to your rental. You can list the fee as a separate item on your listing or as a part of your nightly rate.

When you list the cleaning fee separately, it will not affect your overall nightly price. However, adding the cleaning fee to the nightly rate will increase your overall costs.

The same goes for using the automated message. Sending a text or email to your cleaning crew can be a good way to let them know when it is time to clean your rental. In addition, you can set a notification threshold. For example, you may choose to send a message only if it is within a certain number of hours after check-out.

Aside from the automated messages, you can use a calendar to notify your team of the time to clean. This helps them prepare for the job.

You can also let your cleaner know if any items are missing or damaged. Your cleaner can double as your house inspector and keep an eye on your property.

Finally, make a walk through video of your property. It’s important to be able to show your cleaning team exactly where to replace items. If you’re hiring a professional cleaning service, they will be able to provide a checklist to help you remember to replace any missing items.

Have a welcoming book

One of the most important amenities you can provide your guests at your rental property is a welcome book. If you want to keep your guests comfortable and satisfied during their stay, you need to give them an information guide that includes all the necessary details and instructions for the home.

You can create your own welcome book, or you can use one of the many templates available. This makes creating your own guide a much easier task. Many templates are designed to be customizable, and you can edit them on a tablet or laptop.

An Airbnb Welcome Book is a collection of guest information that covers the check-in process, house rules, and local recommendations. It should also include a few instructions on how to use some of the features in your property.

Creating your own welcome book for your property can be an effective way to get guests’ attention. However, you’ll need to put a lot of work into it. For example, it’s important to ensure that it’s visually appealing, informative, and a good representation of the feel of your rental.

Another benefit of creating your own guide is that you can customize it with your own photos and fonts. It’s easy to do with Microsoft Word. Once it’s finished, you can print it out and leave it for your guests to enjoy. Additionally, it’s simple to share it digitally.

A physical welcome book should be easily accessible and easy to read. You can place it on your dining table, kitchen counter, or entryway. Your guests may not take the time to read through the whole book, so make sure to leave the most important information on the first few pages.

Lastly, create a personal note. Guests appreciate a warm welcome. Be sure to include your contact information, address, and a brief introduction about yourself and your vacation property.

Adding a welcome book to your property is an excellent way to help your guests feel at home, and show them how much you care about them. Whether you write your own or use one of the many customizable templates available, it’s a good idea to show your guests that you’re a considerate host.