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How I Use Bath Salt To Improve My Skin

One of the best things you can do for your health is to take a bath with Dead Sea salt. The salt helps your skin to retain moisture and is a great alternative to harsh chemicals used in most bath products. I take a bath with my regular salt each day and I notice a big difference in my skin. Here are some of the other benefits you will enjoy when you bath with Dead Sea salt.

Stimulate your immune system. By using therapeutic bath salt that contains essential oils from Dead Sea salt, you can help your body fight off colds and flu. Many of these essential oils have healing properties and can soothe rashes and increase your immune system. I soak in the goodness of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade mineral salts obtained from Dead Sea salt.

Maximize your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Dead Sea salt contains magnesium and other trace minerals that make it an ideal supplement for increasing your nutrient absorption. I take a bath regularly with therapeutic-grade sea salt and I notice that I absorb more vitamins and minerals into my body. I also notice that I have more energy throughout the day. I am able to function with less stress and I feel great.

Minimize inflammation. I suffer from constant inflammation all over my body. I have a difficult time healing and I suffer from acne outbreaks on a consistent basis. Because I bath with dead sea salts, I find that I heal more easily and with fewer complications. I also notice that the redness and swelling associated with inflammation are reduced.

Relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. Arthritis pain and inflammation can be triggered by many things including stress, smoking, eczema, food allergies, and more. Taking sulfur baths helps me to reduce the amount of stress and that reduces the number of flare ups that I experience. I love that I no longer have to take prescription pain medications or live with the intense pain associated with arthritis.

Reduce anxiety and depression. Many people do not realize that they are suffering from anxiety and depression. They think that they need to see a doctor when they experience a panic attack or depression. Well, I think that’s exactly backwards. I don’t think that taking a bath with Dead Sea salt and therapeutic grade magnesium salts will cure my anxiety or depression, but I do think that it can help me to reduce them. I also like the fact that taking my bath with Dead Sea salt brings me peace of mind.

Alleviate dry skin and dermatitis. I suffer from chronic dry skin and dermatitis and using the Almond oil/salt scrub along with the Dead Sea salt scrub has been effective in helping to alleviate my skin issues. Not only is the Almond oil/salt scrub good for skin healing, but it also has some excellent ingredients to help heal my eczema as well. I have recommended this treatment to my clients and all have had excellent results.

Alleviate muscle pain and cramps. My muscles pain and cramps were so bad that I didn’t even want to get out of bed! I use to take my magnesium and sodium chloride baths on a daily basis before I worked out in the gym. Now I take the baths once or twice a week instead. I feel more energetic and I no longer have the pain and fatigue that was so limit to my lifestyle.

Alleviate allergic reactions and skin reactions. I suffer from sensitive skin and when I was a kid my mother would never allow me to have any bath products in the house. However, when I was about 18 I discovered that using bath salt on my bottom every time after I came home from work made my skin much softer. Since then I have used bath salt on my bottom every time after taking a bath and I notice that I don’t have anymore allergic reactions or skin reactions.

For bath use, I now use a combination of sea salt and Aloe Vera gel. When I soak in the tub with the salt, I notice that the water gets softer and the Aloe Vera gel feels less slippery. This allows me to soak for longer periods. Also, when I take a shower with the salt on my skin, the water stays cleaner. I have noticed that it takes longer for the salt to dissolve faster in running water so when I use running water with the Aloe Vera I notice that it goes on much more quickly and that it is easier to dissolve faster.

Bath salts are cheap to buy at the store but make a great gift. They are inexpensive and a very good moisturizer. I have also noticed that as I use essential oils with these salts that my skin has improved. Now, every time I take a bath I use both the salts and the oils and my skin has been better able to repair itself and stay smooth and soft for a longer period of time.