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Half-timbered houses are an iconic sight around Normandy. The unique architectural style dates back to the late 15th century and has remained an influence on property design for over 300 years.

Monet’s house in Giverny is a real delight and you can almost imagine the artist living there.

The route nationale winds and twists through countryside with every bend offering new possibilities of fresh views. It is a pleasant road and one that can be enjoyed by all who love the country way.

A little further along the road to Gisors, a fine fortified farm-house with circular towers at each corner of its four sides is seen as you cross the valley of the Epte. A few minutes later you have reached Gisors, a small town as picturesque as any in Normandy.

Saintonge jug: This elegantly decorated vessel illustrates the great skill of the Saintonge potters. It has a vine scroll motif typical of vessels from this kiln and is probably produced between 1275 and 1320.

Guernsey jug: A standard size of Guernsey jug was the ‘Pot’, equivalent to about four pints or half a gallon. Occasionally miniatures have been made.

The only coppersmith still making these jugs traditionally is the one shown above. It carries the traditional stamp of S W Jackson, 25, Pollet, Guernsey, and the year of manufacture is also marked.

In the course of my researches I have been able to come across many of these jugs and the majority of them are in good condition. Most of them show a very good age and some date from the 18th or 19th centuries.