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Waverly is a Southern Tier region village located in Tioga County. Originally part of Barton, the village was incorporated in 1854. Today, it is the largest village in the region. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Waverly has plenty of attractions to keep everyone busy and entertained.

Lake George Beach State Park

This quintessential New York beach offers public access for swimming, picnicking, restrooms, and showers. There are lifeguards on duty and a bath house for the convenience of beachgoers. The beach is also wheelchair accessible. There are picnic tables and grills for the foodie, and a swimming area with lifeguards.

The Adirondack Mountains surround the lake, creating an idyllic setting for outdoor activities. During the summer, the lake is a popular spot for swimming, while in the winter, you can try white-water rafting, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating. Visitors to Lake George Beach State Park may also want to explore the town’s renowned Millionaire’s Row.

The park’s entrance road and parking lots have porous asphalt, which reduces sedimentation entering the lake and the pollutants attached to it. This reduces the depth of flooding in winter and reduces the need for salting. The beach house has showers, changing rooms, and restrooms, and is home to a volleyball court and large swimming beach.

Nearby, Lake George’s shoreline offers an endless range of activities. Hikers and bikers can enjoy the cool water and scenic trails that stretch over 40 miles of shoreline. There are also several local campgrounds and the Ausable Chasm.

Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden

The Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden is a beautiful indoor garden that is open year round. Visitors can see hundreds of different species, including chrysalises. There are winding paths and whimsical fairy houses to explore. The garden is certified as a monarch butterfly way station.

Visitors will also find exhibits themed on video games, comic books, nature, and storybooks. The museum also features the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Thousands of butterflies can be seen in the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden, which is the largest indoor butterfly garden in the United States.

Visitors will also find many tropical species. A year-round climate of 60 to 70 percent humidity and low 80s degrees will allow visitors to enjoy the butterflies. There are also full-spectrum lighting systems that keep the plants healthy. Visitors will see colorful, exotic butterflies feeding on tropical flowers. You can watch as new butterflies emerge from their chrysalises each day.

The Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden is the only year-round butterfly garden in the state of New York. The butterfly garden is home to over 1,000 native and tropical species. Aside from the beautiful butterflies, the garden offers educational programs and hands-on activities for children. The museum is currently investigating the vandalism.

The Butterfly Rainforest, a free-flight butterfly habitat, is another feature of the Butterfly Garden. This tropical exhibit has hundreds of beautiful butterflies, as well as turtles, fish, and other creatures. Visitors can even feed the butterflies.

High Adventure Park

For those who love outdoor adventures, the Sky High Adventure Park in Washington, New York is a great choice. The park has many activities, including a mountain coaster and an aerial park. The park is the largest in the state and the third largest in the country. Its aerial park is located in a wooded area, with 13 different courses.

The park’s activities are suitable for kids of all ages, and the park also offers programs that are appropriate for children of all ages. Most of the programs are focused on summer canoeing and backpacking, but some offer mountain climbing and whitewater rafting. To participate in a program, you’ll need a Wilderness First Aider and two Wilderness First Aiders.

Underground limestone cavern

The Underground limestone cavern is a natural wonder located near the George Washington Bridge. There is a trail leading into the cave that follows stone steps and bridges. It is pitch black inside the cave, so you need to bring a flashlight. It is also not recommended for those who are scared of bats. There are many other caves in Washington that you can visit. If you are a naturalist, you should be aware of the safety regulations when entering a cave.

Lester Howe, a farmer from nearby, was the first to discover the underground limestone cavern. He was curious about the cool breeze coming from the ground and noticed that his cows had been gathered at the same spot on hot days. When he went to investigate, he discovered a 6-million-year-old limestone cavern. In 1843, he opened the caves to visitors.

Several different theories have been proposed about how the limestone cavern was formed. Two of them revolve around the water conditions during the formation process. The vadose theory suggests that the solution process happened above the water table, while the phreatic theory holds that the cavern was formed beneath the groundwater.

The Underground limestone cavern in Washington, NewYork is a historic attraction with interesting geological features. Visitors can tour the caverns through its varying levels of light. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful place to spend your day or a romantic evening, a visit to the caves is sure to please the senses.

Ice skating

The New York Skate Rink is one of the most popular ice skating spots in the city, and is open from 8am to 10pm on most days of the week. Skates cost $15 to $45 depending on the time of day, but you can save money by booking an off-peak session. There are plenty of skate rentals for all ages, and a large skate rental is perfect for five or more people. You can even save money by storing your luggage at the rink. Another great tip is that if you have an NY Pass, you can get a free skate rental. You can also use this pass to enter through the Express line, saving you even more money.

The rink also features shows that can be quite enchanting. You can enjoy a show that features a famous singer, a live band, or a professional skater. These performances are held from November to April, Monday through Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday.

One of the best ice rinks in the area is located at the Rockefeller Center. It has capacity for 150 people at a time, but it is less busy in the early morning. There are also half-hour-long personal training sessions available before each 90-minute session. Prices are usually about $50 per person. The rink also hosts special events and activities for families.


While Washington, New York does not quite live up to the excitement of New York City, it is still a great place to shop. The city offers several shopping neighborhoods and is within walking distance of many popular attractions. From the National September 11 Memorial and Museum to bustling Wall Street, there is no shortage of things to do in this thriving city.

Union Station is the primary transportation hub for the city, and offers a variety of retail stores featuring fashion and specialty items, as well as more than 30 dining options. Popular brands like Ann Taylor, Chico’s, Godiva, Neuhaus, and Swarovski have retail stores here. You can also catch Metro buses and Metrorail trains from the station.

Capitol Hill offers many shops and restaurants, as well as office and living spaces. This area also includes Eastern Market, the oldest continuously operating public market. The market offers fresh produce, artisanal cheese, fresh seafood, and delectable pastries. The market dates back to 1873, and is a popular destination for shoppers visiting the city. The market is also home to a farmer’s market on weekends.

Greenwich Village is another neighborhood popular with tourists. You can find unique shops and restaurants in this district, such as Beacon’s Closet. The area is also home to several restaurants, including Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park.