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Fleur de sel amazon

The most expensive salt on the market, the delicate and highly prized fleur de sel is harvested in small villages throughout France. It is produced from the pyramid-shaped crystals that float on the top of seawater as it evaporates, and is gently scraped off by hand using a rake known as lousse a fleur.

It is difficult to achieve these crystals and is only possible in specific oceanic and environmental conditions that require a long time for the salt to form and for the salt to be collected by hand. This is why it is so rare and so precious.

Fleur de sel is a finishing salt that can be used just before serving, on fish, vegetables, meats and soups, to add a touch of richness and complexity to the dish. It also helps to balance the flavours of sweeter foods such as desserts and chocolate, and can help to reduce overall salt intake.

Camargue Fleur De Sel (Sea Salt)

The drier and finer version of the popular Guerande salt, this variety is harvested from the mouth of the Rhone on the Mediterranean coast. This is a beautiful finishing salt with a delicate citrus and tropical flavour that works beautifully on dishes like grilled sardines or heirloom tomatoes, ‘oeufs en cocotte’ and even desserts such as macarons.

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