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Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot – How Does It Work?

Nowadays, Facebook has more than 500 million active Facebook users. To keep track of this, Facebook offers various applications and plug-ins to facilitate the Facebook usage. These Facebook applications are collectively known as Facebook Bots. Facebook Messenger Bot is one of the most popular Facebook Bots currently in use. Facebook Messenger Bot was initially developed by Facebook to enhance Facebook chat and has been updated and modified to support the Facebook Messenger service. Today, this Facebook Bot has been further improved and now it can even play audio messages and video messages.

Setting up Facebook Messenger Bot for your company: There are several things you need to consider in setting up Facebook Messenger Bot for your company. First thing that you need to consider is the use case of Facebook Messenger Bot. This is important because Facebook Bot can perform many tasks that can help your customers. For example, Facebook Messenger Bot allows your customers to chat through a click of the button while chatting through a Facebook chat application is also possible. So, you need to identify your customer service need first before setting up Facebook Messenger Bot.

The second step is to select your product and locate a Facebook developer that is willing to work on it. You can search for them through Facebook or other search engines. The third step is to accept the developer’s invitation to start working. The fourth step is to configure Facebook Messenger Bot according to the specifications provided by your developer.

Image Credit: Facebook is offering many images to be displayed in Facebook Messenger Bot. These images will not be visible to some users, while some of them might see these images. This functionality has been recently announced in Facebook’s Facebook Apps Digest blog. Facebook has made this available to all its users and the Bot uses an image-credit format for displaying these images. Since Facebook now owns 80 percent of visual search engine market, this feature will definitely help Facebook to increase its brand recognition. However, Facebook has not revealed which image formats it is going to support and if it will support image credit only or image-text attribute.

The fifth step is to open Facebook Messenger Bot and login to Facebook. Once you are logged-in to Facebook, click on the Bot option from the main menu. Once you click on the option, you will be directed to a page where you can find a chatbox and a “Help” button.

Step two is to find an appropriate Facebook Messenger Bot developer. You can find such developers through Facebook’s Apps Digest or through other social networking sites. The sixth step is to search for Facebook Messenger Bot developer using Facebook Search. Once, you are on the Facebook Search result page, click on the “Bot” link. The seventh step is to select a Facebook Messenger Bot developer.

Facebook Messenger Bot is different from Facebook Home Bots as Facebook Home Bots allows the user to log in with a Facebook account. With Facebook Messenger Bot, Facebook will not require any Facebook account to log in. Facebook Messenger Bot is designed specifically for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It has the capabilities to perform tasks such as: posting comments, forwarding messages, sending email and bulk messaging. In addition, this Facebook Bot has two major advantages over Facebook Home Bot: it is easier to use and faster than Facebook Home Bot.

In Facebook Messenger Bot’s use case above, the customer service aspect is one of the most important features, since most Facebook users do not like long customer service calls. Facebook Messenger Bot is a simple and easy to use bot that will help Facebook with its core business functions such as communication. In most occasions, Facebook Messenger Bot is using to provide customers more relevant search results and hence, a better and improved experience. So Facebook is trying to be a better and innovative company and this is one of the major advantages of Facebook Messenger Bot.