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Dead Sea Salt Bath Salts Adds A Natural Boost

When most people think of bath salt they typically think of a salty, thick paste that’s good for your skin. But bath salt doesn’t have to be boring. There are many varieties of bath salts with many different healing benefits. They can be used to soothe your mood, relax sore muscles, treat sunburn, and even as a natural pain reliever. It seems that bath salt is on the leading edge of alternative medicine.

A relaxing bath soak with bath salts can help relieve symptoms of: stress, tension, migraines, chronic pain, arthritis, acne, digestive problems, colds and flu, menstrual pain and cramps, PMS, and more. Bacteria that naturally live on the skin, called “good” bacteria, are drawn to dead skin cells and excrete waste products, such as ammonia and waste products, form of pH. Excess amounts of this waste produce toxins that irritate the lining of the lungs, sinuses and other internal organs. The body uses chemicals called “apamins” to neutralize the toxins and keep them from causing illness. A good cleansing soak with anti-inflammatory bath salts will help the body rid itself of toxins that build up as a result of having too much acid and surplus moisture.

To prepare the bath salts for use, you will need to gather the following: two tablespoons of kosher or sea salt, four ounces of unscented natural essential oils, and two to three drops of grapefruit seed extract or jojoba oil. These items can be found at any store that sells bath and body products. Also be sure to keep a supply of your favorite scent or natural essential oil on hand to add to the mix later. To use your scrub, mix the kosher salt and the essential oils together in a small bowl until the salt and oils have been dissolved. Pour the mixture into a large ceramic bowl and let it sit undisturbed for about fifteen minutes.

The scrub is now ready to be used. Fill a small spray bottle with warm water and pour in the mixture. Next, add the tea tree oil and allow the mixture to sit for another fifteen minutes. Finally, add the Dead Sea salt and enjoy your first bath with your new scrub in the shower.

As with many of my creations, the Dead Sea salt and Jojoba oils provide the basis of the bath and body spa experience. These ingredients not only make a soothing soak but they help to detoxify and revitalize your body. I choose to use natural essential oils for this product because there are so many effective ones out there that do not contain harmful chemicals. For example, Echinacea, Orange oil, Babbasu, and Rosemary are all excellent choices. Using these ingredients in conjunction with the Dead Sea salt will maximize the healing benefits and create a soothing soak that is also effective on the eczema and psoriasis areas.

Once you have your Dead Sea salt and the oils you want to use, mix them together and pour them into a small spray bottle. Add one ounce of each to one gallon of hot water and mix well. Now you have a mineral-rich bath and body spa solution for people suffering from eczema and other skin conditions.

The minerals in bath salts absorb quickly into the skin, providing you with long lasting soothing relief. Also, as your body absorbs the minerals, you begin to notice some difference in your skin, such as a reduction in inflammation and a smoother look and feel. In addition to those benefits, the Dead Sea salts and Jojoba oils also provide antibacterial properties that eliminate common body acne problems. These benefits add an extra boost to any skin treatment regimen. By using bath salts and other bath salts made with natural ingredients, you can make your own skin care treatments that are as effective as the treatments available in the stores.

There are plenty of benefits to using bath salts and other natural bath products instead of store bought products. Not only do they save you money, but they are much easier on your body, providing a healthier and more relaxing soak. You may even find that you enjoy taking a longer bath. The reason is that bath salts contain so many healing properties that you are not just bathing in chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Instead, you are soaking in nutrients that your skin will benefit from.