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Make your own solar panels for home use is not too difficult to make, especially if you have the talent and/or experience in carpentry and electrical wiring. While you can hire a professional installation expert to put in a factory making solar panels, it is quite expensive to do so.

It is not difficult to find step-by-step instructions to create a do it yourself solar panels on the internet; many people are concerned about the use of green energy and the environment has managed to create its own solar panels for home use following the detailed instructions. You can buy solar panels for home from Solar my Home.

The first step to creating solar panels for home use is to buy the necessary tools. In addition to the common tools such as screwdrivers, drills, saws, and electrical pliers, you will also need to buy solar cells, soldering iron, electrical wires, diodes, and connectors.

One important thing to note about the purchase of a solar cell is that some have had both the metal tabs and wires soldered to them. The solar cells are known as cell tabs and usually cost more than regular solar cells; however, they are easier to work with because you do not have to solder the metal tabs on yourself.

The next step is to build a solar panel framework of wood or metal. Metal is recommended for long-lasting and can survive better in bad weather.

Upon completion of the frame, you will need to layout the solar cell. This is done by using tile spacers and marks the position of each cell in the board support. The cells will need to be soldered together using solder. Many people make the arrangement of four lines of nine cells but you should feel free to make whatever arrangements are best for your home.

Once you have completed a solar panel, you have to put them on the roof. You should also