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Black Truffle Sea Salt is a great way to add an extra touch to your meals. You can add it to your favorite foods or use it as a finishing salt. This is a delicious, gourmet salt and will taste great on just about anything. It will give your French fries and other dishes a wonderful finish.

French fries

Black truffle sea salt adds a heavenly taste to french fries. This seasoning can also be used on mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, or popcorn.

To make truffle fries, the first step is to cut the potatoes into thin strips. This helps the fries get a nice, crispy crust in the oven. You can use a mandoline slicer or a potato cutter to help you. The thickness of the potatoes will also determine how long they will take to cook.

Next, you should drain the fries. You can remove the excess water with paper towels, and place them on a cooling rack. Then you can remove them from the hot oil.

Once the fries have cooled, you can add a bit of truffle oil. You can also sprinkle a bit of truffle sea salt on top.

To serve, you can add Parmesan cheese or fresh parsley. Garlic powder pairs well with the flaky sea salt.

To reheat, you can heat the fries in the oven for 7 to 10 minutes. You can also reheat them in an air fryer. If you want to keep them crisp, you can sprinkle the fries with a bit of sea salt or truffle oil before serving.

For vegan options, you can replace the cheese with nutritional yeast. You can also substitute the parmesan with potato starch. To avoid burning, try to shake the fries to release excess water.

To make truffle parm fries, you will need a sharp chopping knife, a large bowl, parchment paper, and a sturdy baking sheet. You will need about half a cup of parmesan. You can also mix in a little black pepper and parsley.

The fries can be baked in the oven, or you can make them in the air fryer. You can serve them with your favorite dipping sauce or ketchup. You can also serve them with a roasted garlic aioli.

When cooking, remember to remove the fried french fries as soon as they are golden. The heat will destroy the truffle flavor if left too long.

For baked fries, you can add a little bit of black truffle sea salt before putting them in the oven. It will give them a nice smoky flavor.


Black truffle sea salt is the ideal ingredient for a wide range of recipes. It is known to boost digestion, reduce inflammation, fight arthritis and increase blood flow to the body. It is also rich in minerals that aid in fighting anemia.

You can use it to season any meat, poultry, vegetables, fish or eggs. It is a perfect substitute for traditional table salt. Moreover, it contains no additives, preservatives or other ingredients. It has a distinct flavor and aroma that can make even the blandest dish taste delicious.

The flavor of this salt can be described as earthy and garlicky. In addition, it can be added to other ingredients, such as butter, avocados and tomatoes. It works best when added just before serving. It can also be used in sauces and dishes that are cooked for long periods of time.

If you are looking for a gourmet popcorn recipe, consider adding truffle salt. This is a great way to add a little flavor to your popcorn while still keeping it healthy. It is also great for topping your favorite sweet potato fries. You can also try sprinkling it over your scrambled eggs.

Another popular use for truffle salt is to season your beef. It works well when cooking with high heat. For a more mild flavor, you can also use white truffle salt. Aside from being used for beef, you can sprinkle it on vegetables and chicken. It is also a good finishing salt when cooking risotto.

You can also use it to create a homemade truffle honey. If you want to keep it simple, you can just sprinkle it on your popcorn. Alternatively, you can mix it with other herbs for a more complex flavor. It is also useful in salads and macaroni and cheese.

If you have never tried this unique ingredient, you should give it a try. It is an organic flavor that is easy to incorporate into a variety of recipes. It is also rich in minerals that help balance electrolytes in your body. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from hypertension and arthritis.