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Black truffle salts are a great way to bring the gourmet flavor of a black truffle to your dishes. This aromatic and earthy infused salt blends imported Italian black truffles with all natural sea salt to give you the unique savory taste of this prized delicacy.

How to Use Truffle Salt

There are several different ways to add truffle salt into your diet, but the best one is to simply sprinkle a small amount on top of whatever you’re eating. This simple step can dramatically enhance the flavor of almost any dish, from pasta to steaks!

How to Choose a Good Truffle Salt

When shopping for truffle salt, look for a product that contains real pieces of black and white truffles. Otherwise, the salt is likely flavored with synthetic chemicals that will not deliver the true truffle flavor we all know and love!

How to Use Red Meats with Black Truffle Salt

Adding a small amount of truffle salt to your next steak or other grilled red meat will make it so much more flavorful. Just be sure to use a little bit of this gourmet salt as a finishing touch, so it doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of your meal!

How to Use Pasta with Black Truffle Salt

Another great use for this specialty salt is to season your pasta with it. Just a few grains of our Italian black truffle sea salt will elevate your meals to new heights!