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Designed in Louis XV, Baroque or Folk Art styles, this normandyjug will add beauty to your living space.

This antique cider pitcher jug is crafted in Normandy France, circa 1860, and made from barrel oak decorated with polished brass rings and embellished with a crest on the front with castle and leaf motifs. It is in excellent condition and would be a great addition to your bar accessories collection.

Calvados, Apple Brandy Native to Normandy

The Normandy region of France is known for its rich apple orchards and the apple brandy that has become a popular drink throughout France. Calvados can trace its origins to the 16th century when it was first mentioned, and is still distilled in this region today. It was named AOC (appellation d’origine controlée) in 1942, and the reputation of this apple-brandy soared in the years that followed.

Saintonge Pottery From Wales

The faience produced in the town of Saintonge, near Carmarthenshire, Wales dates from at least 1275 and is widely regarded as being of great quality. The style is influenced by Italian maiolica and features birds, masks, heraldic shields, and vine scroll motifs. The pottery was primarily thrown by craftsmen of the region but some potters may have been immigrant Italian artisans who settled in the area to work.

Typical Manufacturing Characteristics and Shapes

The French-style faience manufactured at Rouen, Normandy, is a type of tin-glazed earthenware that has been produced there since at least the 1540s. It is a cousin to the faience of Nevers, which has its roots in the Italian maiolica tradition. The Normandy faience produced at Rouen has also been influenced by East Asian porcelain. The ceramics were often glazed with red or blue enamel.