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If you are looking to add a touch of class to your home, you may be interested in this Normandy Jug. This antique jug is made of barrel oak and decorated with a crest on the front. It is in great condition with a rich patinated finish.

This is a wonderful example of a medieval jug with applied slip and moulded decoration. The technique of applying slip and moulding decorations was a major feature of many potteries in France throughout the 13th century.

It is also a feature of some Saintonge jugs, a type of pottery that was made in Wales from 1275 to 1320. This particular jug was found in a midden at Kidwelly Castle, Carmarthenshire, where it was thought to have been thrown away with several other plainer vessels.

The jug is about 25cm tall and in places the walls are only 2.4mm thick. It is a well-crafted vessel which shows the high standard of craftsmanship produced by the Saintonge potters.

During the 1800’s dairy farmers would transfer their milk from their farms to individual containers like this brass milk jug. It would then be taken to the town to be sold on.

This is an interesting jug to study as it has what is known as a ‘thumbing’ around its footrim which can be seen on some Medieval jugs. This is thought to be to counteract the’sagging’ bottoms which caused them to roll about when filled with liquid.